Pythagorean Theorem Application Problems

Pythagorean Theorem Proof (Euclid)

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In the previous post we gave you various worked examples about the Pythagorean Theorem

where our goal was to calculate one of the sides of a right triangle (hypotenuse or leg) knowing

the measurements of the other two sides.

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Now we’re going to look at some application problems for the Pythagorean Theorem in which

we must make use of our knowledge of this theorem to solve every day problems. We’ll see

that this theorem can be very useful for different problems that can come up in real life, like

calculating height or length with just a little information.

In the problems we have for you today, we’ll show you how, using the Pythagorean Theorem,

we can calculate the height of a triangle, the distance from the ground to the point where on

the wall where a ladder is leaning, the distance from the wall to the point on the ground where

the same ladder is standing or the length of a string.

As you can see, the Pythagorean Theorem helps us calculate distances and measurements in

real life, making it a mathematical theorem with a ton of interesting applications. Let’s see

some application problems and exercises for the Pythagorean Theorem that, aside from

being useful in daily life can also show up on a test, which is why it’s a good idea to master

these types of problems and exercises since they are common on many high school tests.

Below you can view the problems, 6 in total. First we have the solved exercises and then the

original problems (unsolved) in case you want to print them and practice these exercises and

problems on the Pythagorean Theorem yourself.

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Solved exercises:

Pythagorean Theorem Application Problems Solutions

Unsolved exercises (to print and practice):

Pythagorean Theorem Application Problems

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